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Your own houseplant database

HappyPlants is all about creating a visual and helpful collection of your houseplants.

  • How much water does it need?

  • During which seasons does it grow? When is it dormant?

  • Does it require lots of sun?

Open application
Open Source, free to use, no "download my app", just a website.

What is HappyPlants?

HappyPlants is free, open source web application focused to help you keeping track of your houseplants. The aim is to allow as much freedom as possible for structuring and organising your happy friends.

It started as a personal side-project to gather all the individual care requirements each of my houseplants have, and grew over time into an app with galleries, tagging, and multi-device storage.


Different modules

Use modules to visualise your plants individual requirements.


Intensity: Partial shade

This plant needs bright, indirect, or filtered light but no direct sun.

Growing seasons

Your plant is currently in active growth.


This plant has to be watered and moderate .


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